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Re: Drugs in Mexico

Posted by D on July 15, 2012, 5:10 am, in reply to "Drugs in Mexico"

Thanks for the link.

Interesting map, a whole bunch of arrows going through Mexico and very few
originating there. One instance where having a border with the US does
not work in their favor. I wonder how long before the cartels get drones to
move their product and bypass Mexico completely. I hear you can hijack them.

I was talking with a person from up North who sells marijuana legally. They said
the more legal it gets the less people are smoking. Upon hearing that I had a
vision of a day when using drugs was a thing of the past. A day when it was clear
to most everyone that the whole cycle of drug use, from start to finish originated
from prohibition, a cause and effect that was known from the beginning. I felt sad
that so many lives had been ruined and so much time wasted to end up where we
would have been many years before if government had stayed out of it.

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