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Posted by D on July 30, 2012, 9:41 pm, in reply to "Question???"
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Last time I did it....about 6 years ago, they told me right where to stand
to get the bus to Melaque. About 1/2 hour later they came up to me and said
"sorry, we told you to stand in the wrong place, you missed your bus! But
there is a bus that goes to Melaque via Autlan, you can take that". Having
no other choice I said ok.

So now it is about 9:30 at night and the bus has stopped at Autlan to drop off
and pick up passengers before heading for Melaque, final destination. While I
am waiting a taxi driver comes up to me and ask where I am going? I say La
Manzanilla via Melaque. He say's "I will take you all the way to La Manzanilla
for $100 pesos". Considering that the taxi ride from Melaque to La Manzanilla was
$100 pesos, and that I would get there quicker and in more comfort I said ok.

I get into the front seat of the taxi and put my seat back all the way so I
can rest on the way. This taxi driver pulls out of the bus station and gets onto
the main highway and goes into a little 4 wheel drift in the process.
(note: a four wheel drift is what you see race cars do when they go around the track)
It quickly becomes obvious that this is not going to be a ride I can relax on,
so I put my seat up and my safety belt on and get ready for what is next.
What is next is a ride I will never forget! There was not one corner we went
around without his being in a 4 wheel drift, with all the tires screeching!
At those speeds you don't have a mechanical failure you have a mechanical
Every time he would come upon a bus or a car I would get this sick feeling in
my stomach because he would edge out to see if traffic is coming and the
jerk back in just in time to miss a head on collision with whatever
was coming the other way! If it was clear (which you really couldn't tell because
it was night and hard to tell if you could see the oncoming traffic) then
he would go for it, sometimes barely making it before a head on collision!
I never said a word to him (like slow the #### down) I just hung on, but one
thing I did know without a doubt, if it was my time to die this was when
it was going to happen. This guy turned what would have taken 3 hours
into a 1 1/2 hour ride that I will never forget!

TLDR; In Guadalajara make sure the place they tell you to stand for
your bus is the right place!

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