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Mexican Documentary film (work in progress) needs your help!

Posted by Miriam on August 10, 2012, 12:44 am

Mexican Documentary film (work in progress) needs your help!

“La Hora de la Siesta” (The Naptime) is a documentary film in development, about two families who lost their child during the burning of a childcare center in the state of Sonora, México, where 49 children died. This tragic incident could have clearly been prevented. It is a story that MUST be told.

Fondeadora A.C. is a mexican fund-raising society that creates a link between a project and the general public asking for donations to ideally reach the amount needed to complete the project. At this moment “The Naptime” has only 6 days left to complete donations! If the project does not reach the stated amount, each donation will be returned to the donor.

Donations start from only 100 pesos (10 USD approx.), reward included! (Such as DVD, poster, premiere screening, credits listed, etc).

Carolina Platt is a filmmaker from Sonora currently living in Guadalajara. Shortly after the burning tragedy, Carolina and her 3 ½ year old daughter Alicia were spending time at a park, when suddenly Alicia approaches her mom saying: “There is a picture of me over there!”. It was the picture of Emilia, one of the 49 children burned inside of the Guardería ABC, back in 2009. The impact of imagining the lives of the parents and their profound suffering led Carolina to take on the research and work on this documentary film, now centered on the personal experience of the families of Emilia and Yeyé.

Here is the link to the project on Fondeadora A.C., to read more and make donations:

Here is the trailer:

Here is a link to a short clip on Youtube about the film (in spanish):

If you have any trouble making a donation, or if you wish to know more, please contact me!:

Many thanks,

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