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Property interest types

Posted by esmitty on September 9, 2012, 10:44 am, in reply to "Bienes Raices"

Generally, in order from "most secure" to "least secure," property interests might be classed thus:

1) Fee ownership (most secure). Titled real estate ownable by non-nationals. Not available w/in 50km of the coast or border.

2) Bank trust ownership (relatively secure). Titled real estate held in bank trust (fideocomiso) for the benefit of non-nationals.

3) Ejido-owned property (somewhat secure, depending ...). No title. No bank trust. Primary transaction between the ejido and an ejido member. 2ndary transaction between the ejido member granting usage rights to the non-ejido (and non-national) "owner." The security of an ejido transaction lies primarily with the fairness of the ejido. Often involves a "presta nombre" agreement, which is not legally enforceable.

4) Lease (not particularly secure). No ownership interest whatsoever. Usage interest based on rent paid.

5) Tenacatita-type property (security currently being tested). I hesitate to throw Tena into this grouping, since no one really understands what's going on there. Can we limit our evals to the above four types?

Am I straight on all this? If not, where am I bent?



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