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Re: Property interest types

Posted by Daniel on September 15, 2012, 8:48 pm, in reply to "Re: Property interest types"

Future and present list prices are based on past sales, at least to some extent.
There are so many variables, the motivation of the seller is one of the major ones
as is location, and how turned on the buyer is to a particular property.

My usual dialog with sellers who ask for listing price input goes something
like "if you really want to sell this season i.e. you are really motivated, then
imagine yourself in negotiation with a serious cash buyer, what would be the least
amount you would take for the home? Take that number and add 10 to 15%.

For sellers who are not so motivated but would sell if a buyer were to pay the amount
they want, I recommend they just to put that amount on the home and see what happens.

As we all know things change all the time. One or two variables change and
the list / selling price shifts accordingly. Recently a home sold for
30% below list price! In my opinion that home was not listed properly as the
price of acceptance was to far from the list price. The seller was lucky
that the buyers even bothered to make an offer. But it also goes to show that
you can always make an offer. Making an offer that is too far below list price
can and sometimes does piss off the seller to the point where they don't even
want to negotiate with that buyer any further. Hence the poker of real estate.

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