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Re: Bienes Raices - Tipping point

Posted by Jim on September 23, 2012, 2:54 am, in reply to "Bienes Raices"

If, it ain't over 'til it's over -- then, what about the "prequel" i.e. the decisions/observations made leading up to a "purchase".

I think "being" in La Manz is much more involved than just the piece of real estate on which one lives. In part, it is a willingness to be a member of a minority group in a different culture.

My "Tipping Point" was the accumulation of a series of events and observations. There was, however, a single event which I recognized as my "Tipping Point". i.e. the point where I decided to buy property in La Manz.

I was driving behind a old pickup truck on the road to Boca de Iguana. It was being driven by a young man (perhaps 20 years old) and he was accompanied by his girlfriend or wife. The driver brought the truck to a stop in the middle of the road -- effectively blocking any traffic. He then got out of the truck. Walked forward and picked up a 3 1/2 foot snake that was "sunbathing" on the pavement. His girlfriend/wife got out of the pickup truck and took a picture of him holding the snake. The young man then walked to the side of the road and placed the snake in the tall swamp grass and the rustled the grass to encourage the snake to be on its way. The couple got back in their truck and continued on their way.

The event gave me pause. I grew up in a farming community NOB where any "critter" on the road was "sport" for a passing vehicle. Yet, here was a young Mexican demonstrating respect for a snake.

It was several days later when I realized that the young Mexican had demonstrated a distinct cultural trait.

Mexico has never participated in any United Nations Peacekeeping expedition. Mexico has never sent armed forces outside of its own borders.

And, I cannot recall ever hearing of a Mexican politician "lecturing" or interfering with another country's political structure.

That, was my tipping point.



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