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rocks off the beach

Posted by Daniel on October 17, 2012, 1:58 am

Hugo, Lynn and another person (forgot his name) came by the office today.
Hugo said the are getting permission from SERMARNAT to get some machines and
people together to move the rocks off the beach sometime very soon. My part
is $500 pesos, restaurants more and people across the street $200 pesos.

Right now we are having a really high tide and some big waves (I guess from a passing
hurricane way out there) and the beach is almost all sand. I assume the rocks
will be back though, they have been around for a year or so almost full time.

I asked Hugo if he was sure that was the right way to go, he said that the base
of the beach are big rocks, not the small ones they will be removing, they for the
most part have come down the river during big storms.

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