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Re: Calderon's Black Friday

Posted by curious george on November 27, 2012, 8:26 am, in reply to "Re: Calderon's Back Friday"

I think the link is OK, somethings wrong with the servers at let me summarize an article written monday the 26 of nov. by Ricardo Castillo...called "Calderons Black Friday"

No one likes Calderon for various reasons. Even those in his own party can't wait for the Knucklehead to leave.

The article goes on to say the only people that have anything good to say about Calderon are the owners and board of directors at "The Economist",because of his fiscal discipline he was able to sock away 160 billion in the Bank of Mexico.

Now, my own research tells me these people at "the economist" are some of the slimiest people on the planet! They make Goldman_Sacks look like boy scouts. They are the 1%, the globalist , the liars, the crooks, the a**holes trying to steal everyones future!

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