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AMBULANCE fund raiser

Posted by mary S on December 5, 2012, 12:08 pm

See behind the scenes of La Manzanilla AND support the much needed
AMBULANCE FUND this will support our Mexican community as well as the gringos of the town.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: In mid - January we start the Home-Garden and Artist Tours of local homes in the area. This will be a once a week happening andwill be approximately a 2 hour tour of two homes each week Tourist and locals alike will benefit from the fun that we will have as well as provide the funds to have a fully stocked AMBULANCE system. Tickets will be sold at $50 pesos per person and will go the AMBULANCE FUND with Dan Crosby and committee overseeing and directing the money.
We might not have our Ambulance yet, but we will in the near future. So, for now, we have an expert medical team to help all the medical issues of the town--- but without proper supplies their hands are tied. This activity will take care of the immediate need of supplies for the crew and ambulance.
WHAT VOLUNTEER HELP IS NEEDED to get this up and going:
Need to set up a committee: to help get this going - the committee will help in whatever way works for them and can be as involved as they want to be – So we need a decision-making committee first --- and ---
1. Tour workers: need approximately 4 tour guides each week to make sure that all questions get answered and that all Guests stay together on the tour – no wandering off to different rooms.
2. HOMES to view: We will need a selection of our village homes to show, we hope to have enough to show 2 different homes each week. It does not matter how big or small , grand or simple, it will give our guests a feel for this magnificent area and the flavor of our Mexican experience. ALL homes are welcome to help out with this worthy cause.

What is expected of home owner: You will know the time of arrival and will greet the tour when they come. You will get the experience of telling your story and your journey of getting to La Manzanilla as well as how/when – etc, you purchased – what you have done to the home – your dreams etc. You also will be able to promote your services, if you have any that you would like to share – whether a book writer, casita’s for rent, artist – the list can go on and on – which is an added benefit to the person showing their home . Or just have the pleasure of sharing the wonderful experience of La Manzanilla and the life we enjoy here.
I know that I for one would love to see some of the homes that I have not had the pleasure of viewing, so I am sure we will get a lot of locals on the tours, as well as tourists, and that will be a wonderful mix.
Will be had by all – and all are welcome to participate on whatever level works for you.
This will be a yearly event -- running this year from mid-January through the end of March.

PLEASE help me support something that all of us need in La Manzanilla and a gift that will be on-going for our Mexican community.
Contact me at: or 351-5604
Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me for giving the "Gift of Life and Help".
Mary Shanti

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