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Time to Add a Tax to the Water Bill? !

Posted by Dan on December 11, 2012, 2:37 pm

Just my two pesos:

I read a lot ahere about efforts made to add services that would make the community better & safer. Calls for an ambulance service, a clinic, ATV patrols, basic needs for the police, etc. post to this board nearly every day. While donations may trickle in, it seems that there are always shortfalls, or the donations do not come in for long. Then there are those who try to make it easy by adding a paypal, and it confuses some of them. There are virtually no property taxes in mexico, as compared to the US or Canada and they ceratinly dont cover costs for the local municipality to provide services. If they collected 1-2% of market value than maybe you could expect that, but they dont. So it is unrealistic to expect La Huerta to come to the rescue. So what to do?

Well, there has been talk about adding something to the water bill and collecting it via that means. I highly encourage that type of tax, if you can enforce it, and cut off the water of those that dont pay. Bill should be based on usage. And everyone has to pay it. It seems incredible that owners who might be paying ONLY $50 US (600 pesos!) annually for water for their small house in La Manzanilla would complain about a doubling of that rate. This is peanuts. If yu could all agree on an increase the water rate, provide a reliable collection system, and taxed it accordingly, you may be able to build something for the current & future residents/ visitors of La Manzanilla. It is time to be proactive.

It wont be the only thing needed in terms of revenue generation, but its a start.


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