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Space Station flyovers next 4 nights

Posted by Bret B on February 27, 2013, 11:02 am

Calling all sky-gazing nerds, here comes your next chances to see the International Space Station (ISS) fly over La Manzanilla! There will be 6 visible passes for us over the next few evenings, with the one on Saturday evening being a really good one. Saturday's flyover will be longlasting (almost 10 minutes), bright (magnitude -3.3), and the ISS will pass near Jupiter (almost straight overhead.) I'll try to send out a reminder on Saturday. If I don't remember, maybe Daniel or someone can just bump this post up on Saturday.

Here is the table for all the passes during this "season" (or several-day period of visible passes):

For extra credit, try to catch both of the passes that are visible tomorrow night (28 Feb). Although the 2nd one is pretty low and brief and dim, it will happen out over the bay to the west so at least there won't be trees and hills in the way.

Here is the source of the table: . If you click on any of the blue Date links, you'll see a star chart of that flyover that might be easier to read that the table. It shows the compass directions to look towards, and time hacks marked on the ISS flyover line (in La Manz local 24-hr time.)

Good luck!

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