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bicycle donations

Posted by Darrell Jang on March 3, 2013, 10:32 am

Anatomy of a bicycle donation for the La Catalina Educational Foundation 2013 silent auction fundraiser.

Reliable, serviceable, rust free bikes are at a premium in this community, both for rental and for purchase. Bringing down our own bikes will not only address our own transportation needs, but afford those among us who want to make a contribution back to this gentle, idyllic community that has hosted us so graciously, this opportunity. In my own case I brought down a used bike purchased on Craigslist from Vancouver, dedicated it for donation to the La Catalina Educational Foundation fundraiser (non profit), arranged for a letter of intent from the foundation, presented it to Westjet Airlines at the airport, who then provided me free cartage as they have a no charge policy for hunanitarian/ charitable donations. Upon arrival the foundation provided me with free transportation to our fair town. My condition of donorship was full possession of my bike until time of departure, even as my schedule exceeded the date of auction. My bike garnered a higher bid than what I paid in the auction process. So I got my cake and ate it too! I
should add that the five bicycles donated to the La Catalina educational foundation fundraiser raised almost$15000 pesos this year. What follows are some guidelines that may help you in your plans should you choose this avenue of self service and giving.
- any and all used bikes are welcome
-aluminum frame bikes are preferable for this climate
-bikes equipped with bells and baskets enhance their utility and value
-cardboard packaging rates range from $30 - $50 in Vancouver.
However many bicycle retailers offer discarded bike boxes which one can used for self packaging if you know how.
-unused bicycle box space can be used for transporting other personal
-effects so long as it doesn't exceed the 50 lb. weight limit.
-always carry duct tape on your person at the airport for repackaging as customs officers routinely open bike boxes for inspection without proper means of resealing.
If anyone has more to add on this subject please do. The satisfaction of taking this initiative has been priceless for me. Check-in on your own generous heart.

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