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Posted by Dan on March 29, 2013, 8:43 am, in reply to "?? MEXICAN CITIZENSHIP ??"

I'm just curious. What do you think would happen here in Mexico if Americans poured over the border by the millions, taking jobs from Mexicans, getting social benefits, voting even if doing so illegally, and a substantial number also committing crimes?

How would Mexicans and the Mexican government feel if the U.S. government was openly advocating illegal immigration to Mexico and actually publishing guides as to how to accomplish it?

Why is it OK for Mexico to have an obviously Mexico-centric immigration policy but the U.S. is expected to basically have open borders?

Especially since the real unemployment rate in the U.S., the U6, exceeds 14 percent, why is it right or fair of any outsiders to demand that they import still more competition for too few jobs?

I think the Mexicans have the right idea when it comes to immigration and work permits, they put their country and their citizens first. I am bothered by their hypocrisy of demanding from others that which they do not practice themselves.


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