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Re: Una pregunta

Posted by Ross on May 5, 2013, 12:33 pm, in reply to "Re: Una pregunta"

My neighbor, a local Mexican, commented some years back that eventhough the well water that feeds the town system is clean, the water can become contaminated by the time it comes out of the tap. Two reasons being that the pipes under the street aren't always perfect and could suck in dirty waterwhen the pumps go off for the day and water tends to go backwards. The same is true for people who have open taps or hoses left on in a pila. When the town pump is off there is a siphoning affect and water is sucked back into the pipes from these pilas or wherever the hose or taps have been left open and sits in the pipes in the street until the pump comes back on the next day. After thinking about this we decided to keep buying and using purified water for any use for consumption. It is not expensive in Mexico, fortunately.

"AGUAS!" Have you ever heard a Mexican use this term? It means "Watch out!" My guess is that it comes from the days before much plumbing of waste water and buckets of water were tossed out onto the street from windows doors or wherever. This practice of tossing out the water still goes on today and is a normal daily occurence. Now it just means "watch out" in general terms for anything such as a car backing up or something falling, etc.

Dust! As mentioned grey water is thrown out onto the street everyday. It is accepted. What is in that water? Actually, could be anything. It drys and turns to dust and it lands on the produce in the stores. After thinking this over, didn't take but a second or two, we at first used bleach drops in wash water and later just bought the "gotas" microdin that most everyone in town uses for washing produce. And we use agua purificada.

When in Rome.....

It is a personal decision of course. We still get sick sometimes but figure it comes from maybe produce not washed well from a source other than home or touching something and then transferes to the mouth by ourselves.

Anyway, good luck and good health to all!

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