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Posted by Mike on May 17, 2013, 4:19 pm, in reply to "Re: Transito Tried to Run Over My Dog"

We are blessed with law enforcement services from several different local entities.

We have as our normal police force the Municipal Police from La Huerta. This force is locally HQ'd at the Delagacion and includes the 2 red motorcycles, and normally we have on white pickup with La Huerta Motiff, on site as well. They are in charge of local law enforcement here on our streets and beaches of La Manzanilla, etc....

At times we have the State Police as well. This is usually a group of 2 to 6 armored black Dodge 4 door pickups, just passing through, or stopping in to visit the Delagado and/or Municipal Police. This force is most active in combating the cartel related crime in the region, often in the backcountry. We do not see them very often, as we do not really have the problems they are fighting....

We also have the Transitos. These are the traffic cops, la policia vial. This is usually a single cab white pickup with blue insignis on door and hood. They are often in town during Holidays and are well known for enforcing little observed traffic laws, scooter helmets, etc., and right or wrong, are often thought to be on the take. Personal experience supports this thought....These are not our La Huerta Police. The patrol we see here is typically from Cihuatlan, where we have out regional office for the Policia de Vialid(?). This is the office where you get your Jalisco drivers license and pay local traffic fines.....

Out on the Open Road, Hwy 200, we also have Highway Patrol, Federales de Camiono, usually in midsize dark blue and white Dodge sedans or blue and white Dodge four door pickups. You will also see them at airports, as this is their jurisdiction as well. If you get a ticket from the Policia Federal you have to pay it in Manzanillo in the same building that houses Immigration.

Having lived here for a couple of years I can tell you that I have had both good and bad experiences with all of the above forms of law enforcement.

Local sentiment is often negative as well, regarding police and corruption, that is for sure.

The police are generally underpaid, and it is a risky job, no doubt. In my humble opinion, out local cops, ie: LA HUERTA, are doing what they can the with resources at hand. I am not sure we have to donate $ for gas, but that is for another thread, I think.

Let's not dump on our local cops because someone from a different agency behaved badly. If we have problems with our local cops, then let's take it to the Delagado, Pedro, or the Presidente Municpal, Julian Deniz.


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