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WindUp Day Wrap Up

Posted by Baseball Patti on May 30, 2013, 3:50 pm

Hi Folks!! Here is the run down of Sunday's great afternoon on fun to finish off this year's beisbol season.

The afternoon started with a Relay Race between the kids and their parents. Each group was lined up and a jersey, glove & cap was placed on the ground in front of the lead runner. When the whistle blew, that lead person had to put on the above mentioned items, run across the field to the base line between first and second, run back, take off the items and hand them over to the next person in line, etc. etc. I don't know which team yelled & cheered the loudest!! The kids did win (even though the parents tried to cheat by only putting the jersey around their necks) Win or lose, all the competitors received a lollipop for their participation. It was as June said "hillarious" and I know that the parents had as much fun as the kids.

Next came our two ALL STAR EVENTS! Only the Jrs. were allowed to participate in these this year to give them a fair chance at winning a medal
The first event was Fastest Base Running, and here are the results--the Gold Medal Winner was Yola "the Road Runner" Ispinoza, with a recordd time of 14.11 seconds!! (FYI-Yola is our youngest, and littlest player) The Silver Medal was taken by Isaac Soto, with a time of 14.46 seconds! This young man has asthma by the way, so this tells you what grit and determination these children have. Bronze went to Yahir Lopez, with a time of 14.52 seconds. All of the runners' times were only 100ths of a second in difference. All I can say is WELL DONE!!(and I'm glad that no one asked me to run!!)

Next event was: the longest ball hit. The Gold Medal winner was Jesus(Chuy) Quintero, Silver Medal to Luis Angel Victoria(Pacho), and Bronze Medal to Osmar Gavino.

Next came a baseball game for the fans to enjoy.
I know first hand the talent that these kids have, but even I was stunned at their level of play on Sunday!! We're talking about triple plays here folks!! And the fans showed their appreciation with appluase, cheers and whistles.
As Jerry said, he couldn't remember enjoy a Phillies game as much as he enjoyed Sunday's game. The kids love to play for an audience, and they truly outdid themselves!!

The hot dogs and cupcakes arrived on time. We had some pretty hungry kids by then, and everyone was invited to enjoy the picnic!

Next came the moment that all the kids had been waiting for. The Awards Ceremony!! Each child was give a certificate of participation.
Felipe, from Compu-Plus, generously donated two prizes for the best female and male players. The recipients of these were: Michelle Victoria, and Carlos Ramon. Followed by this was a presentation to a young man who had perfect attendance for the entire season. Bryan Lopez was given a bat, glove and ball in appreciation for his commitment to League. As June state in her post, the look of surprise and joy on his face was priceless. I would like to add that the fact Bryan was rendered SPEECHLESS, was priceless. Those of you who know or coached Bryan will totally understand this,LOL!

Then onto the TROPHIES!! Now I want to explain that while EVERY child is welcomed to play whenever they come out, not all the children received a trophy. I kept attendance throughout the year, and the kids with a 75% record were rewarded for their commitment, dedication and respect to their teammates and to the League. I took into consideration if a child was injured, sick, or had a family obligation. But there were some kids who only came out once a month, or every two months if they felt like it, some even less. I am a firm believer that a child should be rewarded for their effort and I did not think it was fair to those 22 kids that actually put in the effort to come, play and learn, that the ones who didn't should also receive trophies. I believe if you actually work for something, you appreciate it all the more.

Two trophies were also presented to the Best Sportsmanship Players in Junior & Senior Divisions. The winners of these were: Jose Angel Preciado-Jr. and Luis Victoria--Sr. These two young men richly deserved them. They were always helpful and courteous to all the children, on their team or not. They never made fun of anyone who made an error, or struck out.
They never argued with the coaches on a playing position, but always tried their best. They are both truly "ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD"

The final trophie was for Coach of The Year which was taken home by Coach "Doghouse" John.
He has been with the league from the very start, and is a favourite among the players. The kids have fun while learning from him, and his calm, patience way with them is definately appreciated by the kids.

So that's it for this season, thank you one & all for your donations, help, and support of this League. Without you folks, we definately could not do this for the kids!!

There will be another video up in the next little while, as I'm collecting the photos taken that day. So if anyone out there has any of Sunday's events, please email them to me.

See you all in October!!

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