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Posted by Linda Mandala on June 1, 2013, 1:29 pm

Ok, here is the latest info I received this am from S&S auto in Ajijic. I sent Karen (who is in charge of importations) the copy of my vehicle registration from B.C. We do not have "titles" in B.C. This paper is the only paper I have that is an original legal document that says the car is registered to me. She now tells me that since BC does not have titles like other places (like Alta and Sask for eg.) that the Recaudadora in Guad. where you get your plates issued (or for us in La Huerta) said they would not accept this paper because it is not a "Title" Karen said she could get me a pedimento, but then when I went to get my plates, they may not give them out because they want a different kind of paper. AAAHHHHHH!!!!! What next?? I am so discouraged about this whole thing...Anyway, my question for everyone. IS THERE ANYONE FROM BRITISH COLUMBIA WHO HAS LEGALIZED THEIR CAR???? AND DID THEY ACCEPT YOUR BC. REGISTRATION AS LEGAL PROOF OF OWNERSHIP??

Thanks, I hope I hear something positive from ANYONE!!!
Linda Mandala

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