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Re: Tenacatita Libre !

Posted by dobie on June 5, 2013, 8:43 pm, in reply to "Re: Tenacatita Libre !"

The president of La Huerta was here in El Rebalsito last night to give us more details. The municipio is bring in a dumpster for trash, and 10 portable bathrooms. Meanwhile they're clearing the sides of the road which had gotten quite overgrown.

Rodenas' people will stay on what they're claiming to be their land. They will have to delineate it. Also the municipio has to bring in an expert in the Zona Federal to measure and indicate exactly the limits of the zona federal.

The juicio between Rodenas and the ejido of El Rebalsito is ongoing. Neither the municipio nor the governor can do anything about it, because it's a legal issue and a judge will decide the outcome.

The most important thing for us is to respect the terms of the concession, which means use of the zona federal, although we've been asked not to go into any of the buildings. Once the terms of the concession (playa libre, recreo, malecon) have been satisfied, the presidente of La Huerta can submit a plan to change the concession, but for the moment, no permits will be available which means no vendors on the beach. Vendors are welcome to set up between Rebalsito and the beach, after making arrangements with whoever owns the land where they would like to set up.

Although we'd like to see all the changes happen at once, so people can open businesses again on the beach, this is the first BIG step. The presidente said he would come here every couple of weeks to keep us informed.

So I hope all of you in La Manz who have enjoyed Tenacatita in the past, will come and enjoy it again, with the understanding that this is just the beginning and that we have to be very vigilant to comply with the terms of the concession so as not to lose it.

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