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Posted by Daniel on July 10, 2013, 7:45 pm, in reply to "Google Flights"

A bit more on Google Flights origin

Google Flights: This may be one of Google's least-known search
acquisitions, but it's a great tool. Back in 2010, Google Purchased ITA
Software, which ran the airface search system QPX. Never heard of QPX?
You've probably used it--the engine was behind travel sites like
Kayak, Orbitz, and CheapTickets. Now that data is fed raw into Google
Flights, without the annoyance of a travel site trying to sell you
hotel rooms or rental cars alongside your plane tickets. We know
including a Google site on the list is cheating, but ITA Software
built the technology before Google bought them up--that counts, right?

Flightfox: On the subject of airfare searches, Flightfox is a pretty
awesome person-driven flight tool. It's not a search engine, exactly,
but a pay-for service that draws upon the expertise of frequent flyers and
travel agents to net you the best possible deal on airfare. You can go
in pre-armed with knowledge about cheap flights and pay a few bucks for
the experts to find something cheaper, or describe a desired trip and
let them do all the work for you. While paying for Flightfox for short
or cheap domestic flights doesn't make much sense, you could potentially
save hundreds on major international flights by crowdsourcing the kinds
of people who know exactly how to snag the best airfare.

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