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red crazy ants

Posted by David C on July 16, 2013, 9:47 am

I just read an article about infestation of crazy ants in the states.

I posted on this site last season a question about not seeing many scorpions around my place or in the surrounding mountains. I provided a possible association of this event with seeing many more red ants running around my property.

I also noticed that if I, in anyway, disturbed these ants they would start running around in a frenzy, I assumed, looking for a perpetrator of whatever action had gotten their attention.

I also noticed that there were a number of ants dead on my electrical connections to my water pump.

Is it possible that these little red ants are related to the ants that are now in the news here in the states?

I checked on the internet and a couple of ways to try and manage these ants is:

spray vinegar around the perimeter of your home

mix 1 tbsp of both parts jelly and boric acid, smear on crackers and place in the line of travel of these ants

Last season or now has anyone else experienced similar issues or observed less than the usual number of scorpions around their properties and homes?


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