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Re: New Mosquito Solution for the world

Posted by Daniel on July 22, 2013, 12:18 pm, in reply to "New Mosquito Solution for the world"


They have already raised almost twice the amount the sought.

If you donate $35 usd you send 10 Kite Patches to Uganda and get 10 to
try out yourself.

Here are a few other links I ran into while reading about the Kite.

* Mosquitoes have favorite blood types. They're more likely to dine out
(on you) if you're Type O than if you're type A. Type B folks lay
somewhere in the middle.

* 85 percent of people secrete a chemical through their skin that
telegraphs which blood type they have and mosquitoes prefer
secretors to nonsecretors even if they have a non-preferred blood type.

* Mosquitoes love heavy breathers, they're carbon dioxide-seeking
creatures so if you're big or if you've just exercised you're
one great poo-poo platter to them.So there you have it. Oh one
more thing, if you don't want to draw mosquitoes, skip that cocktail.

* Clothes color matters - People dressed in black, navy blue, dark red
stand out to mosquitoes which use vision as well as smell to find meals.


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