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You think THAT'S hot?

Posted by Bret B on July 31, 2013, 11:57 pm, in reply to "It would be really hot with no fans or A/C"

I kid you not, this appeared on just now when I checked my usual weather station in the Manzanillo area (hint: note the temperature):

At least the heat index wasn't any higher than the temp ("but Sarge, it's a DRY heat.")

Apparently Stan's reliable private weather station in the Santiago suburb of Manzanillo is offline and wunderground got confused trying to interpolate between the lame ZLO airport weather data and the not much better weather station somewhere in downtown Manzanillo.

Cross my thumbs I did not Photoshop this! I would have made it a little more believable. And now it's gone, like a watermelon mirage. Here's the link I use every day, but now it's normal:

Let's keep the temperature in the double-digits please, and no solar storms either!

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