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Re: Driving across the border(no subject)

Posted by Rick (Lyle's Dad) on August 5, 2013, 1:52 am, in reply to "Re: Driving across the border(no subject)"

One year June, Lyle and I drove out via Nogales. We got the car's sticker scraped off but did not know to go to the other side of the highway to have our FM3 cards looked at and then to fill out the exit paperwork which is EXACTLY the same as you get when you fly. We got up to the real border and we never did know what the heck to do to let anyone in Mexico know that we were "uh, LEAVING!?!?!". We left for the summer. We drove back into Mexico with a different vehicle (way before the deposit BS started and this new "No Foreign Plate" BS started). We entered at Nuevo Laredo. When we went to the immigration office to be let back into the country, the guy said, "Where's your paperwork?". Hummmm, papers? Nobody gave us no stinkin papers when we left?!?! Uh, BIG problem and BIG fine. He was a bit of an underling and it was a slow day and he looked over his shoulder left and right and explained in a low whisper, "Well, since by our records you never left, you just go right on ahead and pretend like you were not here either and don't let this happen again or it will be a big mess!"

We skeeeeee-daddled out, got in the truck and drove to La Manzanilla just dandy and learned to NOT leave w/o getting the paperwork done.

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