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2 weeks into Baseball

Posted by Baseball Patti on October 7, 2013, 11:48 pm

October, rather a confusing month in baseball. Up north the season is rushing to a close, with the teams are battling for the honour of playing in the World Series!!( Sidenote here: cheering for the Detroit Tigers myself, which is blasphemy for a Canadian.)

While here, south of the border, the La Manzanilla League players are honing their skills, and battling for team positions. None of our returning players became "rusty" over the summer months, nor forgot anything that they learned during last year's season. Some came and signed out equipment during their holidays so that they could continue playing with friends in their neighbourhood. Our new recruits are quickly grasping the game.

Our Junior Division has already played 2 practice games with great enthusiasm. John & I switched the kids around each week so that all of them have the opportunity to play different players each time. We do however make sure that the skill level of the teams are balanced. A new team Captain was selected each week, and it was the Captain's responsibility to "position" their team mates. The kids also are beginning to pitch to their opponents. This not only gives the kids more responsibilty, but also allows John & I the opportunity to stand back and evaluate each player a little more, so that we can fairly divide the players into 2 equal teams for the league games which will start in November. The teams will be playing for "the championship" this year. It also gives us time to actually "coach" and help them all develop their skills.

Our Senior Division is starting out slow this year, as it usually does. Hopefully, more kids will come out this Friday as the word that "baseball is back" is spreading rapidly.

Thank you to all of you wonderful folks that have responded to my request for softballs, and looking forward to seeing you all again.

So, watch for "Post-Game Highlights" and "Player of the Week"--coming soon to a Message Board near you!!

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