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Senior Beisbol Division--Sharks vs Crocodiles

Posted by Baseball Patti on October 26, 2013, 9:39 pm

Well folks, the Senior Division started a little slowly this year, but as of Friday night it is now in full swing.

We still have a few jr. players on the rosters(only because their skill level and understanding of the game is high enough to compete at the senior level safely) This may change in the next couple of weeks depending on how many more seniors come out to join the teams. The players have chosen new names for the teams this year. We now have the La Manzanilla Sharks vs the La Manzanilla Crocodiles.

The Crocodiles had a bit of an edge in Friday's game. Both John and Felipe played on the team, (while also umpiring and coaching) This week"s game was just for practice and for fun.

The Sharks however, did not turn tail and hide!!
By the 5th inning the game was tied at 13-13 For awhile it looked like the Sharks just might over take the Crocs. But alas, a triple play by the Crocodiles dashed their hopes.

(We, as coaches, have to work on teaching the runners to wait momentarily on those fly balls, the kids are having a hard time with that rule)

The game continued tight in the six inning, 3 up, 3 down for both teams.

7th inning was the death blow to the Sharks, with the Crocodiles batting in an incredible 10 runs!
Last bat for the Sharks produce 4 more runs.

Final score: Crocs 23, Sharks 17. Everyone did comment on how much fun the game was and the Sharks have vowed to make "suitcases" out of the Crocs next week.

Next week the competition is for real! as the wins and losses will be recorded for the season.

Volunteers are still needed and greatly appreciated, and fans are always welcome!!

Games are Fridays at 5pm at the soccer field.

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