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Posted by Larry F on November 1, 2013, 10:40 am

Of concern to all of us here who use the Canadian satelite company, Shaw (formally Star choice).

Earlier this summer someone posted that Shaw made satellite changes and that LA Manzanilla would no longer receive the signal. That is not the case. However, something has changed.

We just activated a second receiver that is was brand new but purchased a year ago. It didn't work. We called Shaw and, after many tests over the phone, determined that this receiver was not configured to work with the new satellites. They are sending me a new one free of charge.

First caution - before buying a receiver from anyone, make sure it works with your installation.

Using our similar, but working receiver, we arranged all our programing needs with Shaw. However, a few channels we are supposed to get will not receive a sat signal. I'm suspecting that these problem channels are coming in on the second satellite, which we don't receive because of the complex aiming of our dish- to receive both satellites,you need over precise aiming of the elipical dish.

Second caution - do not call Shaw and complain that you are not getting as proper signal in Mexico. Your account may be terminated. The reason for this is that satellite companies, under international law, cannot broadcast into another country - in this case Canada to Mexico. Shaw is aware that this is happening, but seems to have the attitude, "if you don't say anything, we won't either". They wanted to send a repair guy to fix my problem. I simply said I lived in a remote area and they never asked where.

My conclusion at this time is that the satellites have actually boosted the sat signal here (in my case from 39 to 69 - still on the low side but acceptable). However some programing may be coming through the second satellite I am not tuned to (previously you only required the second satellite if you wanted HD).

Would appreciate knowing what others are discovering about Shaw signals as they arrive.

By the way, Shaw has dramatically improved customer service - no more waits to talk to a real person.

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