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Posted by Baseball Patti on November 4, 2013, 10:19 pm

Well, here in La Manzanilla, they are on the ball field every Monday at 4 p.m., and on this particular Monday, they had a reason to HOWL!!

But let us start at the beginning. John & I decided to have a 15 minute (mas or menos) practice before the game started on Base Running. Many of the new players are having a bit of a struggle with this.
Now, for you folks out there who haven't played ball it is a bit more complicated than just "running like a bat outta hell" around the diamond. We focused on the "what to do if the batter hits a fly ball" This seems to be the most difficult area for the kids to grasp. Long story short here--The Lobos paid much closer attention to the instruction and the drills, and it paid off in today's game for them.

After 3 consecutive losses in October to the Osos, the Lobos beat the Osos 7-6 today.

The Osos bats were as lively as always today, but their base running cancelled out their hits in the first two innings. The Lobos were efficient in their fielding, and when errors were made by the runners, the Lobos were quick to make the smart plays which more than once resulted in a double play,and the Osos remained scoreless.

In the meantime, the Lobos chalked up 4 runs in the first two innings, good hits, and better base running. They were not caught in the "fly trap" as often as the Osos had been.

By the third inning, most of the kids on both teams had caught on much better to what John & I had stressed at the pre-game practice. I'm sure that as the weeks progress, it will become second nature to them.

Each inning was exciting as the runs and the outs were pretty well evenly distributed. A final score of 7-6 pretty much tells it all. As always, the kids had fun,( the main objective of ours,) and they showed good sportsmanship once again in the line up at the game's end.

So that's it for Monday's Junior Report.

Now we'll see what the Seniors do on Friday--stay tuned to this Bat Channel for that wrap up!

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