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Black Dog health history

Posted by Daniel on November 8, 2013, 3:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Thanks Black Dog"
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Wow, lots of post for Black Dog! I was thinking a day or so ago that I should
answer the question that Debra asked above "what happened to him" perhaps the
info would be helpful to other dog owners.

As I said above Black Dog had a few owners, in the past year it was mainly Juan
and myself. BD would usually show up here around 5, do his beach thing, eat dinner
and then after I went to bed go to Juan's house. During the day I would see him
on the beach walking or playing with someone.

Edit added - Over the years I would periodically worm him and control ticks either by
having Berto or Rosario the vets give him Ivermectin shots or by giving him a tic bath.
In general as you can see by the photo in my first post (taken about 9 months ago)
he was very strong and healthy with incredible endurance.

About 2 months ago he started to loose weight so I wormed him. The weight loss
continued and one evening he threw up his dinner. The next day I took him to
Berto the vet in Melaque. Berto looked at his gums, saw there was very little
color there, said something about heart worm and gave him two shots, one was
an anti parasite. He also gave me 10 pills called Respectol. The shot made BD's
nose bleed lightly for the next couple of day's, some friends recommended that
I give him vitimin K so I gave him two small doses by syringe over two day's time.
He finished the Respectol after 10 day's and started to put on weight and
be his old self, even though he was being so picky about his food that I took
to buying BBQ chicken and making meals with rice and tortilla, which he loved.
Then on Sunday he was suddenly tired again and ate very little. Monday morning he
did not eat any breakfast and just lay under the tree all day. Around 5 pm he got
up to go out to the beach to take a pee, fell over and just lay there. I went
out immediately, he gasped one breath and died. I figure it was a heart attack.

So there is the back ground for those who have dogs. Thanks to all who posted.

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