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Re: WINNER Adult T-shirt Design Contest

Posted by DAN RUEFFERT on January 9, 2014, 9:40 am, in reply to "Re: WINNER Adult T-shirt Design Contest"

First, I am not one of Mexico's top ten artists. I think that came about when a Japanese fellow said simply, "You number ten artist", which, of course is not a good thing. My work is hanging haphazardly behind the band down at Palapa Joes so you can judge for yourself. A friend recently said, 10 is too small a number, you're so good you might be one of Mexico's top thousand artists. maybe. I have reached the distinction of becoming one of Mexico's oldest artists.
Last year I was asked to design a t-shirt for the Rodeo which I did. It was somewhat confusing and even a little controversial so I then had the brilliant Idea, and if it sounds like I'm patting myself on the back it's because I am in this case, of having a contest in the schools to design the Rodeo t-shirt for this year. The T-shirt goes a long way to funding the rodeo so it's important to have a pleasing design. We had nearly 100 entries. We got a design that blows me away with it's simple humor, done by a seven year old girl. We thought we could have two t's this year, one by the kids and one by the adults. We thought we might make twice as much money with two shirts, greedy little poops that we are, but we had no idea how great the kid's winning design would be. The adult entries, and there were few, were good but lacked the commercial appeal of the kids design. I entered the contest and won but I still feel that my design will sit on the shelves while the Bull designed by Magnolia will become our best selling t shirt ever. To avoid the cost and embarrassment of being outsold by a mere child I have withdrawn my entry and while maybe one day we'll need it, we certainly don't now. I feel bad that those who took the time and made the effort to enter the adult competition will not be rewarded but there could have only been one winner anyway and next year we will probably only open the competition to children. We also used one of the children's dynamite drawings on the La Manzanilla Artwalk T-shirt, currently available to participant artists only.

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