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Searching for "Humans of La Manzanilla"

Posted by David Dagoli on January 13, 2015, 9:17 am, in reply to "Re: Humans of La Manzanilla - Basureros"

De nada, seņor!

I originally thought that naming all the posts "Humans of La Manzanilla" would make them all come up when you do a Message Board archive search.

However, it seems the only way to get any results is to make sure you put double quotations marks on both ends of the phrase in the search box, and even then, only a few of the postings are retrieved. Is it possible that the archive search ignores the Subject Line of the postings?

A regular Google search only returns the most current posting. Perhaps there is another way to tag these posts to make them more easily searchable?

p.s. The code number i had to enter to post this message was 9669699 - I wonder if it's a sign? Kind of like winning the lottery to get a number like that...

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