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Re: Venus and the Moon

Posted by Daniel H on January 22, 2015, 11:32 am, in reply to "Re: Venus and the Moon"

Want some more fun?

go to (it will open in a new window)

Let it load. Once you see the planets click anywhere on the page
to start the model.

On the left click on the telescope. It will open facing south. put your
mouse on the screen, left click and move the sky to the left until it
says West in the center.

Go to the bottom where you see the time and date, click on that and it will
bring up a calendar and a clock. Move the clock forward till you see the
sunset (around 6 pm). Now click on the days of the calendar and you will
see how the sunset sky will look on that date. You will notice the sun
moving to the right a little bit each day etc.


Go to the bottom where you see the arrow on the left side of the time.
click on that, it will bring up another arrow, click on that and the
sky will start going forward in time. Wait a bit and you will see the
sunset tonight, wait a bit more and you will see the sunset for Friday night,
on and on. Click on the arrow at the top right corner for full screen.

More fun

Here is a video where the camera stays focused on the milky way, you can
see how the earth moves


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