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Re: Horatian Ode

Posted by Dean on April 1, 2009, 8:20 pm, in reply to "Horatian Ode"

Awesome Ted! Translating Horace is no easy task!

Thank you for your post!

Here is one I really like!

ODE 3.1 Line 10 - 45

'Tis true that one man plants his vineyards over
wider acres than his fellow; that one candidate
for office who comes down to the Campus is of
nobler birth, another of greater worth and fame,

while still another has a larger band of
followers; yet with impartial justice Necessity
allots the fates of high and low alike. The
ample urn keeps tossing every name.

Over whose impious head the drawn sword
hangs, for him Sicilian feasts will produce no
savour sweet, nor will music of birds or lutes
bring back sleep

to his couch. Soft slumber scorns not the
humble cottage of the peasant, nor the shady
bank, nor the valley by the zephyrs fanned.

He who longs for only what he needs is
troubled not by stormy seas, not by the fierce
onslaught of setting Arcturus or rising

not by the lashing of his vineyards with the hail, nor
by the treachery of his farm, the trees complaining
now of too much rain, now of the dog-star parching
the fields, now of the cruel winters.

The fishes note the narrowing of the waters
by piers of rock laid in their depths. Here the
builder with his throng of slaves, and the
master who disdains the land, let down the rubble.

But Fear and Threats climb to the selfsame
spot the owner does; nor does black Care quit
the brass-bound galley and even takes her
seat behind the horseman.

But if neither Phrygian marble nor purple
brighter than the stars nor Falernian wine nor
Persian nard can soothe one in distress,

why should I rear aloft in modern style a hall with
columns to stir envy? Why should I change
my Sabine dale for the greater burden of


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