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Posted by Donald Binkley on June 16, 2009, 10:06 am, in reply to "Re:"

I'm originally from Ardmore, OK, just north of the Red River and have been stung by both OK/Texas scorpions and the small amber ones of Jalisco. The venom in a scorp. from Austin, Texas doesn't compare to the little scorpions of La Manzanilla.

These scorpions can be found in Arizona and have been well researched...they are VERY DANGEROUS!!!! I believe they are all part of the family of bark scorpions, venom is neurotoxic like a viper and you sure don't put onions, and other homeopathic stuff on a copperhead or diamondback bite. The anti-venom should always be kept in your medicine cab. in La Manz.

My experience was painful and stupid and I would take what the clinic would give next time, if there is a next time.

Oh yes there are other less dangerous scorpions in the state of Jalisco and they are dark in color and larger than the bark scorpion varity but still be careful.

"Scorpion stings have killed more people in Arizona than all types of poisonous snakes combined."
Arizona Highways Magazine

A pretty good link.

A good way to protect yourself is actually putting each leg of the bed into an open drinking glass or jar that is really clean and shiny.
You're SOL if you've got one of those cement pedestal beds but if you're planning on building a concrete pedestal, drink lots of Corralejo and use the above method.

bink, Santa Fe, NM

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