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Another Immigration FM3 Twist?

Posted by Tracy on August 5, 2009, 7:42 pm

This past winter, Michael & I decided we wanted to change our FM3 renewal date as we were told we could extend it by up to 4 months--we were told that we could even it do it in the US.

So today, I finally went to the Sacramento Mexican consulate to find out how to apply. I was told by one of their employee's, that the law changed, and yes you could apply, but it is now at the descretion of the Immigration Dept. in Mexico City if you get the extension, not the individual Consulates, or immigration offices.

But that isn't what bothers us.....the problem is this....the woman told me that 2 months ago, FM3 rules changed.....again. You may come & go from Mexico as many times as you like in a cannot be gone for more than 2 months at a time. Before, that was not expected until your 5th year of FM3. Has anyone down there heard about this new rule? Is this woman possibly confusing a FM3 with a FM2?

Every year it seems the immigration rules & requirements change, and just when you think you know what they expect, it changes yet again. We are now really confused. A little light on this ever-changing subject, would be greatly appreciated.

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