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Re: 16 de Septiembre History

Posted by D on September 15, 2009, 3:08 pm, in reply to "16 de Septiembre History"

Here is a link to the article on

The article is also listed on several other websites and blogs
none of which link nor mention the source of the original article
(some have the name of the author May Herz) which is here

May Herz does not list the sources for the information in the article.
I have written to her to see if I can get them. So far I got a notification
that the email was received but no reply.

There is this copyright information at the bottom of the page.

copyright 1999-2009 Inside Mexico All rights reserved. All articles, images,
pictures and design contained in this website are the property of Inside Mexico
and protected by copyright law. NO part of this site can be used without
previous authorization. We will be glad to authorize, upon request,
educational non-profit projects and require that credit be given
to Inside Mexico and a link back to our site.


There is a Terms of Use & Privacy Policy but the link is broken as are other
links on the page. I did find the terms of use on this link here -

There is a link to a DVD / video of Cinco De Mayo &16 de Septiembre which list for $30 usd

In the "about us" section of the inside mexico website states that
they produce and distribute educational materials -


I selected some sentences at random and did Google searches on them
(using quotes)looking for exact matches

"On the 13th of August 1521, Cuauhtmoc, the last Aztec emperor was captured.
The indigenous allies of the Spaniards raided Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec empire."

I found the exact same article on
(the only difference was the date of El Grito is listed as the 15th not the 16th as in the May Herz version)
it also has copyright protection! is a part of Castello Cities Internet Network -
I don't know much about them but they have something to do with Domain Convergence -,+Cuauht%C3%A9moc,+the+last+Aztec+emperor+was+captured.+The+indigenous+allies+of+the+Spaniards+raided+Tenochtitlan,+capital+of+the+Aztec+empire%22&hl=en&safe=off&filter=0&fp=ee36edbd3c16a1c5 (copy of the original) (copy of the original plus some graphics)

links -
(You tube, this may be part of the video of Cinco De Mayo &16 de Septiembre put out by inside-mexico)


""Each socio-ethnic group had different rights and duties. The privileged
were the peninsular Spaniards."

I got mostly the same links but this one was different.
It is on the csun web site and has working links and a Bibliography.
I wonder why it is not the current article? It seems to be the most complete.


"Influenced by the concepts of liberty, equality and democracy proposed by the
French philosophers Rousseau, Montesquieu"


I found it interesting how everyone is taking information from one article
(which does not cite any refrences)and then using it for their own site without
giving credit to the source. While this article does not have any errors
(that I am aware of) it shows how misinformation gets proliferated across the Internet
and the level of integrity of some users.

Here are some links to similar articles

Grito de Dolores -

Hidalgo's Call for Mexican Independence -

Mexico Celebrates Its Bicentennial! -

"El Grito" (the Cry) -


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