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Reborn Lake Altilte

Posted by Jon on December 12, 2009, 12:43 pm

Some of you may have read John Pint's article about the resurrection of Lake Altilte in the Guad Reporter last week. We always try to get out from underfoot when "la senora que nos ayuda" is around, so we set out Thursday for the short trip up route 80 35 kilometers north of Barra de Navidad. When we reached the 35 km mark, we saw no sign of any of the landmarks he mentioned. We kept going. Finally, we reached La Huerta and stopped in the Pemex station to ask, -Sabe donde esta Casimiro Castillo? -Si, esta 25 minutos mas alla, he said pointing yet further down the road. At almost exactly 35 MILES, we reached the sign for La Concha. The turnoff was a few meters back toward La Huerta. We drove the 2.5 kilometers that he specified, but encountered no lago renacido. We kept going and going, finally stopping when blocked by a pickup parked in the road. I asked the driver if knew where el lago was, and he pointed to his right. There it was! Exactly 2.5 MILES from the turnoff. It was indeed a reborn body of water, a premie of a nascent pond...a very impressive puddle of clear water dotted with lily pads. So if you read the article and are thinking about making the trek, these revised instructions should help (33.8 miles north of Melaque on 80). Wear hiking boots to check out the petroglyphs he describes, but leave your swimming suits at home.

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