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Let's Buy and Secure the Community Garden

Posted by Carol Lopez on December 17, 2011, 6:51 pm

I suggest we start a new thread for this positive initiative. What a cool idea!There are so many reasons that this garden needs to stay in the hands of the community:

- it is such a great community building project - people share ideas as to what to grow, how to compost, etc.; they share seeds and plants, and even worm-produced fertilizer.

- it is multicultural - Mexicans working alongside northerners

- Rick and June live right next door; they can keep a close watch over it, provide guidance, co-ordinate projects (not to mention the hours of work and the financial investment they have made - they deserve to see it stay there)
- it has a good balance of sun for the plants, and shade from the big trees (so you can have a refreshing break after working in the sun)

- it is spacious enough for plots, different kinds of composting, and the annual harvest pot luck.

I have heard that if this lot is sold, another garden would be started up,but is it possible to get such an ideal location again?

Rick and June, what do you think? Could a collective purchase of this lot work? Or should we look for a benefactor to buy it with the idea that it stays as a community garden indefinitely?


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