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Posted by D on January 5, 2012, 10:39 am, in reply to "Re: Today"

Thanks for the up votes. That stuff just comes out of me, usually in one typing,
I don't edit it much and then click post before I chicken out or start trying
to change it to make it "something". Its scary and I almost always regret doing
it later, then ok about posting it even later than that. Being Moderator helps
in that I can delete them if I really regret one, which has happened before.
If it encourages others to share La Manzanilla / Mexico related writings I
will offer the deletion option for them. Seems the worst that can happen is I
get criticized for being myself out loud, or laughed at. It is not that
I don't care about that criticism...completely, I think I just like scaring myself,
wanting to bust any imprisoning mold / mindset program handed me by the
society I was raised in. To make sure life is as good as I can stand it.
It is not as scary as painting art or playing music or getting up in public
and speaking or open mic night, something I don't think I could do (mostly due
to lack of talent).

"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind -- even if your voice shakes". Maggie Kuhn

I think this one "Today" was from a desire to counter or correct the
dangerous, fear increasing news being spread resulting from the Melaque
situation by sharing just how good life here is. It kind of drifted off
in the middle, the revolution thing. I was kind of surprised myself at
the way it ended, I had no idea that was coming but liked the feeling
it was sharing.

There is a photo of Mike with the fish, I will post it later when I get it.


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