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requesting donations for local causes....

Posted by stephanie on April 29, 2012, 9:21 am

Felt it time to respond to several issues here on the board as relates to asking for money for different local causes. The Manos Ayudando Bookstore was set up to help any and all who needed assistance. In our first years that was very limited to small causes...however, as we have grown, thanks to so much participation from generous patrons, we have been able to branch out in many different directions, both through sales of used books, and through collection cans for various projects.

The police donation campaign netted us over 30,000 is secure and will be put to good use...however, we have not yet gotten our matching funds from LaHuerta. I have no doubts that will happen, although the road is slow. It is an election year and energy is going elsewhere. But I have not given up. We are in touch with them and just need to have an audience and show we have made our show us yours. So for those who doubt they will and have reservations about money they have's what I think. We have enough to go ahead with our original idea, to buy several dirt bikes, a motorcycle and walkie talkies that will connect them from the street to each other. That will get them out of the truck and on the streets. I would just much prefer to work with them than go it alone as it is a community endeavor, working together. So I am working with a slower method, not the road I would normally choose, but the one in front of me.

So this is written to the question of pulling money from one account to put in another as doubt was expressed towards the movement of the police account. Rest assured time will show any donations in a positive manner. And more cans will be put out to help those in other circumstances that cannot meet their own needs. And to those who donate freely and often without knowing the people they help, you are my heroes.


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