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Posted by Daniel on August 7, 2013, 3:33 pm

I met a person very breifly about a week ago, I spoke to them on the phone
last evening, they were coming to town today, I set up a time to meet them.
This morning I get a call, they are at the ariport in Mexico, they were caught
traveling with $50,000 cash which they were going to use for a down payment.
They told me a story of innocence and said that they had a couple options,
then put the customs guy on the phone. He said they had already verified that
the funds were not from an illegal sourceHe said that the guy could pay a
$19,990 peso fine right now or the sized money would go into the system and
either be sized or take days to get back. The money had to be transferred within
the next hour or so, he gave me the name and account number to transfer it to.
The penalty could not be deducted from the sized money as they had to give him
back the exact ammount confiscated.
I asked the guy (American) if he had any money on him, he said only $700 usd.
He said he would pay me back as soon as he got to town, it really sounded on
the up and up so I said I would go to the bank and do the transfer.

I was on the way when I got doubts, I returned to the office and called him
and said that I did not have that much money in my checking account, he said
he could use most of the $700 usd so if I could deposit $15,000 that would
help a lot. I said I was sorry but I couldn't help him. Just as we were ending
the conversation I heard a rooster in the background, meaning he was most
likely not at the airport at all.

About 10 minutes later he called again and said he had been able to get
$5,000 pesos out of a bank machine using his credit card so now he
only needed $9,000 pesos. I asked him where he was? He said at the airport.
I told him I heard a rooster in the background the last time we talked,
and that I was sorry I could not help him out. He denied that there was
a rooster and the conversation ended.

Did a bit of checking and found this


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