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Posted by Tracy on October 14, 2011, 11:12 pm

Daniel—I wanted to thank you for the kind email you sent earlier but instead of replying via email…I wanted everyone who’s been following the board so feverishly the past few days to read it as well, because I’m sure many feel the same as I do…at least I sure hope they do

So, no Daniel….it is you we ALL should be thanking. Although there was nothing any of us outsiders could do from wherever we were these past few days, it was wonderful to at least know that, if YOU were okay and communicating with us, then everyone else should be okay too. It was quite a relief to see each and every one of your posts, and I’m sure everyone else who has a stake in LM (as well as others who just went to the board looking for a ‘live’ person, for that matter!) feels the same way… gave us hope, where otherwise we would have had none.

So I want to give credit where credit is due…thank you for your reliable, yet reassuring reports….and for being sooooo damn smart to have a generator in the first place!!!! Something I will keep in mind once we make the permanent move in 2+ years, believe me. Don’t know what LM would do without you if you were to ever stop being moderator. In an emergency such as this, those of us out of the country….we would be like all the other people the past few days that kept posting for info on other areas…we’d be lost and looking for anyone, anywhere, with information or answers to share! I don’t think anyone could fill your shoes so powerfully….

I can honestly say that, although I don’t know you that well (actually….hardly at all) you have shown time after time, that you are indeed a beacon (and not just because you are tall, either) for the town, whether it be as the moderator on the Message Board, real estate guru, bantering with Jean on this board, or being the LM honorary beach spokesperson, who chats with people on the beach every day and/or nite while throwing the Frisbee to your dog—whatever you do for LM and her township is more than anyone else who lives there…and I don’t care who says they do more, it ain’t so!!!

Thanks again Daniel—you kept us sane!

(okay Jean… can quit throwing up now, I’m done.)


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