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In conclusion

Posted by Jane G on October 27, 2013, 12:26 pm, in reply to "Computer Question"

Felipe said "it's impossible to buy a computer in Mexico whose system will
accept any language change." Odd that retailers here don't know that.
Microsoft Support didn't even seem to be aware. I'd ordered an upgrade
to Pro in English for Lenovo #1 after chatting with their tech, and she knew
it was a Mexican computer. #1 died before I had a chance to activate the
upgrade, but #2 made it clear from the get go that this machine wouldn't
accept it. Office Depot emphatically assured me I could change intended
computer #3 to English. I said I wouldn't leave the store until they
effected the change for me, which of course they could not. Ten minutes
later, I got my money back for #3 without ever having taken it out of
the store.

When I called Microsoft to initiate a refund for the Pro upgrade,
they were skeptical about my reason I couldn't use it, but eventually
acquiesced. According to Felipe, the ONLY way is to download English
from a disk before initiating the system. Apparently he's the
only person who knows that. So there you have it! I'll prob'ly order
one from him on Monday, because I really don't want to go back to Manzanillo.

A funny (not really) about the U.S. Microsoft Support center: They
disconnected me because 'I was in Mexico and had to contact the Mexican
support #. They only deal with issues in North America.' SIGH!

Who knew buying a new computer could be so challenging?!!? Three
weeks I've been wrestling with this English issue. At least now
we know the facts, according to Felipe.


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