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Re: So called electricians

Posted by Dana on October 13, 2008, 10:35 pm, in reply to "Re: So called electricians"

Jean, I am very sorry for stiring things up. Mabey it would help to calm you down if you knew that THREE big wigs from the federal electrical commission came to the property at the request of the architect,who,buy the way, IS a LOCAL, and a good friend,and whom I respect.I can also assure you,these federal investigators were LOCALS,and were very concerned about what they were seeing. All they could do was shake their heads. Come to find out,they know who this guy is.They have been trying to track him down so they can "quote" put him away.As per your response to Scott about assisting this poor guy doing the work, did it ever occur to you that I might not have been there when the work was being done? I will now give you a quick education on how all qualified electricians in NORTH AMERICA,not just the states, figure the LOAD for a typical residence.Example.. 40,000 watts,or V/A. Take 100% of the first 10,000 V/A and 40% of the balance.So you have 10,000 + 0.4 x 30,000= 10,000 + 12,000 = 22,000 volt/amperes. Still with me? Now, 22,000 VA/240 volts=91.7 amps, say 92,with a 25% margin, and 125% of 92 amps=115 amps. That is the load. And that is why the mexican feds are looking for this HACK! Being a master electrician takes knowledge and know-how.When it comes to electricity,if you don't know how, you have no business charging someone thousands of dollars,and pretending you are something you are not. Thank you.


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