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Damaged skin and eyes from swimming in mar

Posted by anne on November 29, 2009, 10:30 am

Help. I went on a distance swim (4 hrs)to the hotel across the bay and damaged my skin and eyes from the sun. Ouch. Had to make emergency run to Echauri Clinic yesterday to dermatologist. She gave me 4 things:
1. Actron--for pain
2. Sufrexal--to close pores
3. Cicaplst--to close pores
4. Clobex Pro Shampoo--for face.

I had to go to 3 farmacias in Manzanillo and could only find 3. Still need to find #3. Anyone know where I can find this?

In the meantime, my eyes hurt sooo badly and are oozing. Anyone have any advice on what to do for this? A doc to see?

Also, what ab help for blistered lips?

Obviously, I need lessons on how to protect myself from sun damage. Help. I went to the DIVE shop in Manzanillo and bought a $110.00 USD pair of visors. But, this type isn't good for distance swimming--only looking around underwater.

Any advice? Looked at all sorts of safety things there, but none good for distance swimming. Too heavy or cumbersome. If you know of other useful items I can take along on distance swims, please let me know.

Also, I'd like to know of a good underwater camera I could strap around my chest. You can't believe the things I swim over!!


Besides offering swim lessons (a previous post), I'm looking for someone who'd like to do some distance swimming with me.

And I'm looking for someone who'd like to go along in a kayak or 'lancha' while I go distances in the mar. (Safety purposes). It doesn't need to be a 'commitment'. Even once would be great.

Also, I send out 'Journals' of my swimming experiences in the Mar (along with other things I experience here in La Manzanilla). If you'd like to be on my list to receive this, just let me know. I'd need your email address.

Thanks so much for any help and advice.


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