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Posted by Siegfried Schiffmacher on December 3, 2009, 7:55 pm

Those of you who have lived here for some time remember Santana Realestate, which was closed down for a while but now it seems they are re-opening under a different name,
Mexico Property Resources. Also those of you who read the message board on a regular basis remember my description of the ripp-off that I was subjected to and fell victim to ( Santana Real Estate Nightmare, posted last year). Now, we know people who fell victim to the same schemes and we know of people that were ripped-off in similar fashions. What we do not know is how many of those who were ripped-off actually filed suits against Santanas through the legal system.
We recently heard of one lady ( foreigner) who supposedly also filed for fraud charges
being laid against Santanas. The purpose of this post is to connect with that lady so we can explore the possibility to combine our legal action for better results and efficiency.
Hopefully this lady reads the message board or maybe some-one out there knows her or about her and can provide us with respective contact info etc. so we can hook up with her.
All help in this regard is highly appreciated, thank you.
Our tel.# is (315) 351 7295 here in MX or ( 360) 618 1783 in the US.
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