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Transcription of recording

Posted by Daniel on February 22, 2010, 9:31 pm, in reply to "Re: new police news"

When I removed the link from the message board the first thing I did was to call Frank. He was in Tenacatita responding to a situation. I asked him to come by the office as I had something important I wanted to talk to him about. He said he would be by soon.

Frank arrived about 30 minutes later. I explained that there had been a post on the message board by an anonymous person, that it had been removed due to that annominity. I said it was serious and then put him in front of the computer with the article on the screen.

He looked at it and sighed. He came back out to the patio and said "unbelievable". I asked if he would like to respond? Without hesitation he said yes. I asked if I could record him and he immediately agreed. I asked if he wanted some pen and paper to outline what he wanted to say? He said no. This recording was done within a few minutes of his reading the article, completely un rehearsed.


Daniel speaking as I hand the recorder to Frank," just don't make me type to much" (laughter)

Frank - Absolutely not. Is it recording?

Daniel, yes.

Frank - OK.

It's funny how things work out...uh...things seem to come back on people, especially when...uh...their not true. I'm not too worried about it. I'm not worried about it at all. If uh.....what that information....said on the message board was true I would have never been able to come into Mexico, especially with a dual citizenship.

Accusations are false, the state of Texas knows it, I would have never ever been allowed to carry a firearm.... if that was not the case. Here in Mexico I am allowed to carry a firearm.

Unfortunately, that news is still lingering, and people that are envious, people that want to uh....step on other people's toes, I guess try to exploit something that is not in reality true.

That's all I can say, I'll let my history here in Mexico and with the city of Huston speak for itself.

Do a little more research, be a little more optimistic.

I hope uh, you put your trust in me for uh...the things that I am going to be doing here in the future. Uhm... if not, I am going to work with what little I have, and I am going to try and make a difference, in the community, so that everybody is safer. Canadian's, American's....just like Mexican's.

Thank you very much.


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