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Nonviolent Communication Seminar

Posted by Cristie Holliday on March 3, 2010, 4:36 pm

I would love to hear (asap) from everyone interested in attending:

GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER~ Transforming your life with Nonviolent Communication


Nonviolent Communication Coach Cristie Holliday offering a two day seminar in March.

Requested donation: $80 ($40 PER DAY)

Nonviolence, in this context, refers to ahimsa, a Sanskrit word akin to state of the heart so open that we have no enemies.

I work with conflict resolution, hard to hear messages, empathy, etc, to effect the shift from hearing strategies and holding enemy and 'power over' images, to connecting to the shared needs, power with strategies. Constructing workable strategies to meet those needs is a cinch once these alignments are established.

My request is that I need to hear from six people willing to pay in advance for this event in order to make the trip from Mendocino to La Manzanilla where the workshop will take place.

One day participation is also an option and could figure into more people paying less to support my coming.

If you're interested and could attend such an event in the third week of March (days are flexible from 3/17-23, so cue me if you have preferences so that I can support you), please rsvp as soon as you can. The earlier you respond, the better my chances of getting a good airfare. I would love to come to your lovely village and share my juicy compassionate communication fruit with you.


Cristie Holliday

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