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Re: Manana Forever???

Posted by D on June 17, 2011, 10:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Manana Forever???"
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Well, with those two responses I guess I need to back up why I thought the article sucked.
First, I never heard of Castaneda and I can't remember the last time I read a book,
much less a book about the history of Mexico. I read a lot online and my sources vary
a lot so I tend to get both sides of things. I think it is partly because of my lack of
learning that I feel like I have something to contribute to the topic.

Second paragraph

"Claiming Guinness records is a way of winning something without actually having to
compete one-on-one. No one really loses because no other country is actually out there
trying to cook the world's largest tamale."

This line of thought reminds me of Ad hominem, attacking a personality trait instead of
sticking to the issue. I wonder how many Guinness records are sought after in the US?
And are they doing it because they don't want to compete one on one? Its a stupid statement
and has nothing to do with anything.

Second paragraph

"Leaders there floated what they billed as an innovative idea. Instead of a robust
competition for votes among the three main political parties in the upcoming
governor's race, they proposed having the parties agree on a single candidate, thus
avoiding polarization and opportunities for the drug cartels to try to corrupt
the process."

So they are frustrated and willing to try anything to counter the power the money
of the cartels buy. Seems to me this would be a good idea to try in the US against the
corporations. Anything is better than what the US has now, Corporate A or Corporate B,
be sure and exercise your right to vote now, and God bless Citizens United.

Fourth paragraph

"Take, for example, a poll conducted in late May, which showed that half of all
Mexicans believe Calderon should cut a deal with the drug gangs instead of persevering
in his war."

And if they cut the drug profits of the Cartels are they going to just go away? No,
they are going to switch to kidnapping and extortion. This Castaneda guy seems quick
to point out an ideal and criticize a practical choice made by people in the
thick of the blood letting and profiteering politicians/bankers on both sides of the border.
Colombia has had some success dealing with Cartels by taxing the rich
but Castaneda
did not offer an alternative just a criticism.

Next Castaneda uses a Banamex poll (now there is a company I really trust) to say
that the previous choice means they don't respect the law. Compared to who? My
personal experience, they respect it plenty, considering. I'd like to see
Castaneda come to La Manzanilla on Easter or Christmas and watch a crowd manage just
fine with very little or no police presence. Try that in the US. Anyway what a
crap foundation for making a point.

He then (after berating the hell out of them) say's that Mexico is a "tremendous
success story" and then back to berating them by saying they need to have some sort
of awakening to "establishing a type of rule of law that guarantees its citizens
security". I think most of the world needs a good awakening to the banksters who have
hijacked every country.

He then finds hope in Mexican's who have come to the US

"Men save more, children stay in school all day and women attain a degree of
independence, self-esteem and achievement that becomes an example for friends and
family back home."

Well yeah, people do that when they live in a first world country, not just Mexican's.
Go to this link and skip to 13:00 minutes, watch how Mexican's make $5 a day and can't make
more and still be competitive. How do those values get transferred again? I think I
missed that part. Oh yeah, he didn't mention it....or was it by leaving Mexico?


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