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Re: Hot enough for ya?

Posted by Daniel Hallas on August 29, 2014, 10:37 am, in reply to "Re: Hot enough for ya?"

That wasn't rain, it was humidity!

F ing humid yesterday, it certainly does not get like that very often, today
is much better.

If you start having problems with computers and similar things it is because
they have a limit on the humidity they can handle.

Usually the operating range for humidity tops out at 80% in the specs for computers. However, if you keep it running all the time you can go much higher. It is only when the airflow stops and the humidity builds up on the electronics that you have a problem. When you fire up your computer it will short out from the moisture buildup.

I have a computer outside on my covered back porch which is exposed to the elements all the time. After zapping two power supplies from the condensation on their capacitors I started leaving it on 24/7. It's been running for a couple years this way without a problem. I wouldn't recommend this setup with any expensive hardware, but if you don't care about the equipment it seems to work just fine. (Leave the monitor on too!)


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