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Re: Not So Crushed

Posted by Daniel on April 1, 2010, 12:27 am, in reply to "Not So Crushed"

First and foremost what is good about this is the dialog,
the expression, the exchange.

What you believe is true is true for you. I appreciate that we are
able to express opinions without condemnation, in a spirit of open
exchange which hopefully has a place for understanding....
from an opinion which is not set in stone.

Larry said

"To badmouth police and public officials who want to uphold public safety is shocking".

This had nothing to do with public safety, no one was at risk.

"In my part of the world, and in this part...."

Weather your part is Canada or the US it is not this part, at least the La Manzanilla part.
They are two separate places in almost every sense of the word.

"...all police officers are not "jerks""

I never said all police officers were jerks, I said the people who
approved the implementation of this type of behavior / attitude are jerks.

"Who gives a crap what Frank would have done?"

You can imprison a persons future to be exactly like the past if you want to,
but it is unrealistic to think you can do so without doing the same to yourself.
What I did with the Frank reference was to say that even with the current mindset
of Frank being some sort of monster, what the transit police did was something
even he would not have done, he would have reached some sort of middle ground.
I was not necessarily putting him up, I was putting them down.

"I'll write my letter to the municipality to support their efforts
to get irresponsible drivers off the road."

I support your doing that....but you can't seem to get that there was no
"irresponsible drivers" just people living their lives within the framework
of what we in La Manzanilla know / knew as reality.

Confiscating something essential from someone who is just living their life
is without compassion, understanding or a desire to foster cooperation
or a common goal.
It is a slap in the face which say's I don't give a damn about you or your life,
I am the law and if you don't dig it F you. That is exactly the kind of
example we don't need. The world operates on that level now and the results
of that mindset are the world most live in.

It's time for something different, its time for a mindset of abundance, not scarcity,
of understanding not punishment, of cooperation, not ego wars.

I simply talked about a situation that brought out an emotion in me,
one that said "hey, I come from a place that deals with people like you
just did, guess what.... it don't work".

We have the ability to define the world we live in, seems that has been forgotten.
This is a tiny example of what is to come if we don't stand up
and take a open, non autonomous, damn the torpedoes position of what kind
of world we want to live in. What we are capable of. Of how good we can stand it.

Thanks for the dialog,


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